We strive for excellence in all that we do

Our product is superior
Our welcome is heartfelt
Our service is extraordinary
Our professionalism is distinctive

We do this for one reason only;
to create a precious and unforgettable guest experience.


Our Guests

  • We provide our guests with memorable experiences, and value for money.
  • We deliver service which is professional, yet warm; informative yet not overbearing; efficient yet relaxed.
  • Our product is striking, well maintained, and comfortable.

Our Team

  • We prioritise our people.
  • We are honest, we listen and we value input at all levels.
  • We operate an employment environment of respect for all.
  • We encourage and support the growth and development of our employees

Our Environment

  • We are committed to a sustainable future and to improving the social, economic and environmental well-being of the community, and the planet.
  • We are committed to working locally to celebrate the beauty of where we live, and harness this by supporting local produce, local businesses and communities.
  • We are serious about a clean planet and reducing toxic waste; our housekeeping products are all biodegradable and contained in re-cycled bottles; all of our guest amenities are locally produced, organically farmed, biodegradable and recyclable.
  • We actively re-cycle and re-use, and we rarely waste.


  • Surprising and delighting our guests is priority number one.
  • Having positive relationships with our partners, suppliers, and employees is really important to us and to getting the job done.
  • We have pride in what we do and are always busy re-inventing ourselves to ensure that we are being the best we can be.
  • We are passionate about doing what we do well, and having fun doing it.